4 fun Linux commands to impress your friends

By Jabin | 12/7/2022 (Rewritten from the old site)

Here are some Linux commands you can install and mess around with. You know what they say, Cowsay keeps the boring away. Okay, maybe they don't say that. This tutorial is for Debian-based Linux distributions.

4. Toilet

toilet demo image

Toilet is a Linux command that makes symbols into text, also known as ASCII art. Also I have no idea what this has to do with a toilet. Follow these steps to install Toilet. First open your terminal and type sudo apt update && apt upgrade to make sure your system is up to date. Then, type sudo apt install toilet and type "Y" on any prompts that come up. Once you've done that and it's finished, you're ready to go. Just type toilet <text>.

3. Steam Locomotive

steam locomotive demo image

Steam locomotive does just what you'd expect it to; a steam locomotive rolls across your terminal window. To install it just run sudo apt update && apt upgrade to get your system up to date, and then run sudo apt install sl. After it's finished, just run sl.

2. Figlet

figlet demo image

Figlet is an awesome way to display bubble text. To install it and use it just first update by running sudo apt update && apt upgrade, and then type sudo apt install figlet. Finally, to run it type figlet <text>.

1. Cowsay

cowsay demo image

This is quite literal; a cow says something. However there are a lot of ways to customize it. I'll show you how after you install Cowsay. First, upgrade your system with sudo apt update && apt upgrade. Then run sudo apt install cowsay. After you've done that you can test it out by running cowsay <text>. To use different characters simply look at the character list with the command cowsay -l and select one you like. Then run cowsay -f <character> <text>.

This article contained my 4 favorite fun Linux commands, but if you have more fun ones to recommend, comment below! Also, if you learned something from this article maybe share it with a friend or leave a comment!