Why I use templates for my sites

You probably noticed that this site was made using a template, and that I didn't code it all myself. "bruh jabin if you're a technology expert then why didn't you make it yourself it's not that hard bruh" This is because I don't really have time or the skills to make a beautiful website myself. I also like older design styles (2004-2014) because it seems more elegant and less basic/plain/flat. For this I owe Free CSS a huge thank-you. They have thousands of awesome templates from 2 decades ago to today. I used their templates to make this website and Software Link Library (another site of mine) and they're really cool.

May 19, 2023

About Jabin's Tech

I'm Jabin - a 14-year-old who does technology stuff all the time. I make lots of projects on Scratch, I'm learning new programming languages, and more. Jabin's Tech was originally created in December of 2021, as a technology blog. I posted articles with tutorials and reviews. When I started, I knew almost no HTML or CSS. My website was built using a website builder called Weebly. Weebly required a subscription to connect my website to my domain, and, even with paying them to connect my domain, they had annoying Weebly branding all over my website, and still limited my use of features. I had enough, cancelled my Weebly subscription and started building my website with HTML and publishing it with GitHub pages. Now I have so much freedom for what to put on my website!